5 Laundry Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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What are some common laundry mishaps and how can you avoid themDoing laundry can seem like rocket science. There are so many rules to follow and details to remember for every type of clothing item. And that’s without mentioning all the controls on your washing machine. They’ve had us all stumped at one time or another.

That’s why people often rely on Santa Fe’s reputable house cleaning service to tackle their laundry. The fastest and the most reliable way to clean clothes can be only a call away.

However, not everybody wants to hire cleaners to do their laundry. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 5 most common laundry mistakes and how you can prevent them. Learning this will ensure you always get fresh and clean clothes, so keep reading!

What are some common laundry mishaps and how can you avoid them?

You can make laundry mistakes while washing, drying, or ironing your clothes. However, among these, the most common are:

1. Leaving your wet clothes in the machine

Moisture is not a good thing, as most bacteria thrive in wet and warm places. If you leave your freshly washed clothes in the machine for a few hours, they tend to develop an unpleasant smell. To prevent this, simply take your clothes out as soon as the machine stops, and hang them to dry immediately.

2. Mixing colors and temperatures

There is a simple rule that every type of underwear should be washed on high, and darker clothing on low temperatures. Hot water effectively kills the bacteria on your undergarments, while cold water prevents the colors from fading. Also, colored clothing items require a detergent that retains color and prevents it from leaking onto other items.

The best way to prevent the mistake of getting your clothes colored is to carefully read the label on every piece before you put it in the laundry basket. That way you can sort your clothes and know exactly what can be washed in which way.

3. Not cleaning your washing machine and dryer

Aside from getting smelly clothes with stains, neglecting your appliances can be very dangerous. The lint tray collects flammable material, so it’s crucial that you clean it after every cycle. Every once in a while, run the highest temperature cycle on your washing machine with no clothes, pouring a cup of baking soda or bleach to thoroughly disinfect it.

4. Not spacing your clothes on a drying rack

When hanging your washed clothes, either on a clothesline or a drying rack, instead of making sure that every item fits on the line, it’s more efficient to spread the clothes nice and smooth. This makes the ironing process easier, and often completely unnecessary. When you know you won’t have enough space for all the clothes, don’t overload the machine.

5. Not checking the pockets before loading the machine

One of the most frustrating mistakes is opening your machine after a cycle only to find a soaked $100 bill or your wired headphones. Aside from being a bummer, it also presents a danger to the appliance, since the smaller items can fall into the engine and destroy the machine. Always remember to check your pockets before washing your clothing.

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