4 Ways to Prepare for Property Management Cleaning

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How do I prepare my rental property for cleaningPreparing a rental property for cleaning is very important. If your real estate is spotless, you can enhance its appeal and subsequently increase your profit and draw the right kind of customer. Luckily, there is an efficient method of property management cleaning preparation.

Since property management is a formidable task, a lot of people resort to hiring the experts in property management cleaning in Pico Rivera, CA, to help them. This article lays out 4 useful tips for getting ready for a property management cleaning. Read on.

How do I prepare my rental property for cleaning?

If you want to prepare your rental property for cleaning you need to follow these 4 simple tips:

Tip #1: Check the state of the property

After the tenants have removed all their belongings, you should check if there are any damages to the property and fix them or ask your tenant to do so depending on the terms of the lease. Another thing that you should inspect is whether the tenant has removed all the trash. It’s advisable to empty and clean out trash cans, and remove dead pests and pet odors. Seal the cracks in walls, if any, and replace all damaged or broken window coverings.

Tip #2: Make a deep cleaning plan

One of the benefits of hiring property management cleaners is that they’ll ensure that your property is spotless. You should clean walls, windows, and door channels and frames thoroughly. Vacuum and shampoo the carpets and sweep, and clean and wash the floor according to manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget to wipe the baseboards, and to avoid using bleach or ammonia based cleaners.

Clean the stove hood, oven, and sink, wash and sanitize the fridge and kitchen appliances. Make sure to unplug electrical devices before cleaning. Scrub and disinfect the entire bathroom including the top of the toilet tank, tiles, cabinets and mirrors. You can use a white vinegar solution for the removal of calcium deposits. 

Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans and clean the vents and replace filters. Wash the closets inside and out, dry clean drapes and clean the blinds. Deal with hard touched surfaces like door knobs and switches.

Tip #3: Check the chimney and the waste management system

One of the tips for cleaning your rental property during winter is to clean the fireplace, hearth and mantle. Remove all the ashes and debris and check the vents. Another important item on the list is the garbage disposal. Check if it’s in proper working order and free of garbage. Clean and sanitize garbage chutes to avoid health risks and prevent problems or inefficiency in waste collection. Make sure that the plumbing is free from blockages.

Tip #4: Hire a professional

Since rental property cleaning can be quite a challenge, there’s no need to waste your precious time and energy by doing it on your own. That’s why you should use the services of a reliable cleaning company.

One of the red flags of bad property management cleaners is the lack of employees’ insurance. Professional cleaners should be both bonded and vetted as accidents can happen and the company should have an adequate screening process for its cleaners.

Which companies are proficient in property management cleaning in Pico Rivera, CA? 

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